Random Geekage

Growing season has come to an end.

With the lack of daylight hours and the cold starting, any further veggies will likely be not worth the effort. However, the radishes have been harvested (except the one the resident squirrel had) and they look pretty damn good.

Tempted to expand the "garden" next year, once we are out of the long dark.

The potato saga has come to a close.

A bounty was harvested, we used some of the really small ones as chips and the rest have been stashed for eating later.

Next project is radishes.

The potatoes are doing pretty good.

Seems I have greener thumbs than I thought.

Mark Watney, eat your heart out!

In a change to the usual fare, I'm trying my hands at gardening.

I've been meaning to have a go for a couple years. While we don't exactly have much proper ground to grow on, container gardening is potentially feasible. The neighbours upstairs had the same idea, putting out 2 planters of carrots. So I pulled the trigger and went for it.

Spare storage crate, drill a grid of holes in the bottom, mix 2 bags of compost with some sharp sand then drop a few tatties in. Water and wait.

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