Random Geekage

A change of pace for my commute.

Worked in the city for once and thought it would be good to try getting the train in

My commute to work by bike is fairly tame.

The way back however, gets a touch scary at times. Especially the bit with 20 or so meters of unprotected pavement next to a dual carriageway with 40 ton artics barreling towards you at 60+ mph.

Been commuting for 3 out of 4 shifts on the bike this week.

It would have been 4 for 4 but tonight is night shift, no way am I cycling home 7.5 miles after being awake for 24 hours. My ebike makes the commute much easier and a lot more fun. Aside from nearly running into an idiot who pulled out on me. And having to do a ninja landing after my front wheel hit an edging stone at the wrong angle.

While scoping out a secondary route to work

I made a slight wrong turn. While my bicycle may be competent on most terrain, it does have a bit of trouble going through unforeseen mud pits, causing me to stop and flail to avoid falling.

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