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At 21:00 PT, after 20 years of continuous broadcasting, the internet's longest running internet radio station is coming to an end. James O'Brien (aka Cimmerian) made the decision to end the run instead of letting it atrophy and wither away.

Sad to see it go, Patrolling was a formative part of my teenage years and I fully credit Rant with the solid friendships and the current relationship I have.

Sean Kennedy:

James O'Brien:

Don't hate the media, become the media!

Predator Archive

Thought I would throw up a copy of some interesting files written by Michael Carlton aka Predator. He was a rather influential dude from Sydney, Australia who was involved in several underground media projects and a whole bunch of other stuff. Alas, he is no more, having passed nearly a decade ago. Information on the guy is surprisingly sparse, the main project he was involved with, http://cat.org.au is offline so information cannot be gleaned there.

However, all is not lost. I managed to get what is essentially a dump of his home folder (predarchive) from my mate Harlequin, who I believe was connected to Pred in some way. I have also just stumbled on the book which is mentioned in various places, Pred.txt(not actually .txt but .pdf).

Go have a read, if you are anything like me, you will enjoy and want more.

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