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TS100 Soldering Iron

I think I came across the TS100 soldering iron when watching an Adam Savage video about his portable soldering station. My usual soldering irons have been the cheap, unregulated sort that plug straight into the wall. I have a fancy regulated one but that also needs wall power.

The main advantage of the TS100 is that it can run off anywhere between 12 to 24 volts DC, which makes it ideal for portable use. Its not an iron for day job use, but for occasional hobby and repair work, it does the job well.

The fact it runs off DC means I can power it from my car, the battery I use for SOTA, or one of the many Lenovo power bricks I have.

The key component for running a TS100 off any suitable power source is the DC plug. It needs to be 15mm long, 5.5mm diameter with a 2.5mm centre pin, not the regular 2.1mm pin. Put that on a suitable pigtail with Anderson Powerpole, XT60 or your DC connector of choice and you have an iron you can use at home or up a hill.

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