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Hardware Ownership

But 3D printers- we OWN that shit. You got a $200 Ender-3? You're 100% offline, 100% Open Source toolchain. You can 3D print everything from Gingery patterns for a full hand-scraped post-apocalyptic machine shop to an FGC-9 semiautomatic in case anyone tries to take it from you. Every single thing we own is being taken, put in the cloud, and rented back to us. Willingly. Because no one wants to know how to do anything beyond a narrow scope. We're a world of carpenters willing to rent sharp chisels and saws rather than learn to sharpen them ourselves. 3D printers- you know almost all come with a toolkit? So you can fix it yourself. You know how rare that is? No, you don't throw it away. Ever. No, it's not all glued together into a glass slab. You just, fix it. It's all metal, you can fix it and run it indefinitely.

--Naomi Wu

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