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Drivetrain Refresh

I've not been the best custodian of my bike. I don't tend to do massive amounts of miles so maintenance tends to get neglected. Sadly, this is showing in the drivetrain. The chain was slack and the cassette was filthy and looks worn so I figured I would replace them both. Considering that costs less than a tank of petrol for the car it's almost doable as a yearly service.

It was easy to remove the lockring and cassette with the suitable tools and I took the opportunity to remove the "dork disc" that stops your chain falling off the high gear if your limit screw is set wrong.

I've added a reminder to my todo list on a regular basis to encourage me to be a bit better with my preventative maintenance.

$ task add project:fixmakeready due:May recur:60days wait:due-2days Check bike chain wear

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