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I've been a fan of command line scripts and software to get tasks done for a while now. A few weeks ago, I tried having a go at hacking on Bashpodder to add Youtube functionality via the use of youtube-dl to get videos automatically, podcast style.

Annoyingly, I couldn't make it run properly and left it for a while. Until this morning when I had some coffee and decided to just break out the functionality to a separate script. Two scripts for podcast downloading may be a bit much but needs must.

Like my bashpodder hack, this script requires youtube-dl to be installed.

It also requires two text files to be in your home folder (or symlinked from elsewhere). .ytget.conf is a list of channels that you want to download from, whether from Youtube or any other service that youtube-dl supports. .ytget.lastrun just contains a timestamp in date +%Y%m%d format - eg. 20190101 - that is when the script was last ran. I recommend initially using a date from a month or two ago, else the script will default to 20180101 and get all videos uploaded since then.

Grab the script, stick it in your $PATH and grab your Youtube subscriptions, free from the need to have a Google account!

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