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CryptoStorm OpenVPN for iOS

I'm a user of the CryptoStorm VPN service for over a year. Took advantage of their Black Friday deal for renewing and got a year of use for $26. 50 cents a day for bypassing any state or ISP tracking and filtering seems like a good deal to me. Bonus: can use the same account on multiple devices at the same time, such as my laptop and phone.

The latter being the sticking part. Could not for the life of me get my iPhone (I'm an Apple user, sue me) to connect, constant timeouts. Well today I found the solution and it is really simple. Just need to go into the Settings app, down to OpenVPN and select the "Force AES-CBC cipersuites" option in the Advanced Settings portion.

Connects within 2 seconds. At the time of writing, my laptop appears to be in Lithuania and my phone in Latvia.

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