Random Geekage

Naomi Wu posted on Twitter a guide on forcible entry by the New York Fire Department.

The guide primarily focuses on how to get rapid entry to a premises on fire using various implements, as well as an overview of different doors and locking mechanisms. Obviously it is meant for legal rapid entry to save lives but also unintentionally gives ideas when looking for a new home or how to secure your current front door from people trying to gain unlawful entry.

It also reminds me that I want a Halligan bar, more useful in a post apoc situation than a crowbar.

Contain Yourself

Firefox added containers to compartmentalise web browsing. A smart individual took that concept and made an add-on to containerise the abomination known as Facebook.

Today, I found that another person took that idea and made one to corral Twitter and I had the idea to see if the same has been done for Google. It has.

Those 3 add-ons should go a way to keeping data leakage under control. Of course, augmenting your browser with uMatrix and uBlock Origin is thoroughly recommended for further hardening.

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