Random Geekage

Running on snow is an experience.

The surface moving beneath my feet is an interesting sensation, particularly when climbing or descending hills. Had to take my time, a solid 6 minutes over my regular 5k run.

The trick with running

is to get into a slight zen/dissociative state. Let the subconscious take over the movement of your legs and have your conscious go elsewhere. Whether it be plans for the day, thinking about things that could have been improved or just plain idle thoughts.

Fresh November

Good morning 10km run to clear out the stresses of the week.

When in a (sub)urban environment, early runs are best.

So much quieter at 05:30 than it is at 07:30. Virtually no people to dodge around, no cars to watch out for.

Just done my first ever 10km run.

Sucking wind hard. Got 3/4 of the way round my usual 5km run and decided to go all Forrest Gump.

Running downhill

is one of the best things in the world. So fast and easy. Running on the flats is tolerable to acceptable. Uphill sucks.

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