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The first week of December 2015 brought a massive storm to Lancashire and Cumbria,

I've been a double edged razor user for well over a decade now.

Rantmedia 1999-2019


Contain Yourself

Let's Know Things

Cold morning.

Been commuting for 3 out of 4 shifts on the bike this week.

Checking over my bike found that the rear tyre was pretty flat.

Managed to fix the missing page links in the header

Goruck GR1 Framesheet Upgrade

Pioneer AVH-X8700BT Password Reset

Manchester -> EMFCamp.

Glasgow -> Manchester.

Ditching GPG

The trick with running

Down to Manchester

Heading down to Newcastle with the work for a couple nights.

Going to EMFCamp again.

While scoping out a secondary route to work

New Addition to the Family

CryptoStorm OpenVPN for iOS

Dash/Plus Extension

Fresh November

Thought I would spice up

Something went wrong with my gpg keychain.

Morning Routine

When in a (sub)urban environment, early runs are best.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Extended the expiry on my GPG key by 2 years.

Just done my first ever 10km run.

I tend to shy away from politics but this is a pretty big thing.

I now have a Jabber/XMPP account set up.

EDC electronics support kit

Been off the bike for far too long.

Been out and about the past month or so.

Maps, as well as books, are to be hoarded.

Stay The Course

Since moving to Coatbridge I haven't been out on my bike.

A Year of Crossfit

Its the little things that make a difference.

Crossfit is one of the quickest ways to put your ego in check.

Updated GPG Public Key

One of the great things

Cryptographic ID


EDC 2016-03



Rope climbs are fun.


Semi Skim

Not been on the bike for months.

Schiehallion Again

Currently reading "Moods of Future Joys" by Alastair Humphreys.

What do you need to survive on the Pacific Crest Trail?

Rucking around.

Running downhill

Minimal EDC

Going South

Anyone want a pull?


Deutschland, ich bin in dir.


31C3 Packing List

Well that was easy

Joylent: the first batches

Joylent: Unboxing

Walking billboard

Tolerance and Acceptance

[Hipster nerdiness intensifies]

Made it to Chicago.


Loch Leven by Bicycle

Rule 10 is in effect

So I did


Wherein we find out about the author's inability to follow instructions

Video from Craigowl Hill

View from the top

There is something about paper maps

Going to EMF!

Started reading The Apocalypse Codex by Charles Stross.

Colin Furze has done it again

Crossing the border between geek and nerd

I comissioned a Field Notes leather notebook cover

Land Rover Diaries EP 4


Oh yes, I do like this book

When geeks and occultism collide

Bike Power

2014 is the year of vagabonding

I think I have a minor Triple Aught Design addiction

Field Notes don't like being laundered

New bike hardware

I fail at subkeys

Colin Furze is at it again


Reading TFM does work.

Better the devil you know?

I need to rtfm

My name is Kevinus Isageekus

Home safely on the bike.

Made it to work on the bike

Finally fused


If its not one thing, its another...

We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers

Going to Gencon!

Just come across the idea of microadventures.

Rear light bodging

Children’s Bible Coloring Book of PoC || GTFO Issue 0x02

Triple Aught Design trousers are the shiznit!

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

I made a thing

Serenity's rear end looks better now

Geeking out over org-mode

Well, today could have gone better

Anyone want a tow?

Bought my ticket for Securi-Tay 3

Its that time of year again

Tesco CREE aluminium torch: initial review

C'mon snow!

Now that is a socket

Clojure and ponies

Frosty 'Fender

Makes me proud to be British

Timelapse Test

Its been proven that stickers increase boost.

Swapped the genuine air filter in Serenity for a K&N one.

Democrats Vs Republicans

Got me a GoPro!

Land Rover stopping Defender production

Colin Furze is proper mental

Proof of Concept or GTFO issue 01


Il Vicino Italian Resteraunt Review

You know you're in America when

Off to New Mexico

Disabling your trackpad when a mouse is connected

Just stick it in my butt

Be wary of strong drink


UK Self Defence

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