Well that was easy

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On Christmas Day last year, I made the decision to not consume any alcoholic drinks for a year. I am pleased to say that I have managed that goal. Like I thought, it was pretty easy. Five nights of drinking a year to zero is a pretty simple goal to reach.

Another year teetotal? Challenge accepted!

Joylent: the first batches

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I've had a couple Joylent "meals" so far.

First one was weak. I don't think I put in enough powder. Barely any chocolate flavour but still had a bit of the Weetabix dregs texture.

Second meal last night was much better. More pronounced flavour. I think I added more powder and gave it a good mix with a hand blender.

Third meal will be consumed for lunch today. I actually measured it out. One bag contains 515-520 grams of powder. I went with the high end and split into three which gives just over 173g of powder in the mixer bottle. Whisked that up and topped up to 600ml with water. Took a couple of sips and it has improved again.

Joylent: Unboxing

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if you have been on the internet the past couple of years, you will have heard of Soylent. Not the stuff made from people but the nutritionally complete meal replacement milkshake stuff. Well, I wanted to get my hands on some. Sadly, they don't ship outside America. This left a few options.

I could have it remailed at a hefty cost, about the price of the Soylent itself. No go. I could go across and bring some back but attempting to get a box of white powder across borders would prove very interesting. Last option was DIY.

Enter Joylent. The European answer to Soylent. Reformulated to match EU nutritional guidelines and only 5 Euros to ship to the UK from The Netherlands. I promptly placed an order.

wpid-wp-1416648279480.jpeg100%+ of the recommended daily intake of everything.

wpid-wp-1416648273781.jpegPretty much a box of powder.

wpid-wp-1416648268380.jpegAs I am a first time customer, they sent out a mixer bottle. Already have one for making up protein shakes for lifting but its a nice touch.

wpid-wp-1416648262400.jpegThe Joylent itself. Looks like milkshake powder. The packaging has since been upgraded to nifty looking bags. One bag equals one day of food. Ten bags in the box. Three meals per bag so 30 meals.

wpid-wp-1416648252416.jpegOil is supplied in these containers. Two of them in the box. One little tub per day. Not a fan of how the oil is packaged, looks prone to leaking.

wpid-wp-1416648245357.jpegIf nothing else, I won't starve for a few days. Could make for good backpacking food, simple to prepare and doesn't require any fuel. Also good for emergency rations though I am unsure about the lifespan of the oil.

I plan to have one or two Joylent meals a day. Not going full time for now.

Suppose I better make up a batch to try it.

Tolerance and Acceptance

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Last week, one of the folk in an IRC channel I hang out in (#r4nger5 on freenode) came out as being transgender. The single negative comment? Your room is a bit messy.

Tolerance and acceptance, we has it.

Made it to Chicago.

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Long day, still got more to go. Bloody timezones.