Joylent: the first batches

I've had a couple Joylent "meals" so far.

First one was weak. I don't think I put in enough powder. Barely any chocolate flavour but still had a bit of the Weetabix dregs texture.

Second meal last night was much better. More pronounced flavour. I think I added more powder and gave it a good mix with a hand blender.

Third meal will be consumed for lunch today. I actually measured it out. One bag contains 515-520 grams of powder. I went with the high end and split into three which gives just over 173g of powder in the mixer bottle. Whisked that up and topped up to 600ml with water. Took a couple of sips and it has improved again.

Tolerance and Acceptance

Last week, one of the folk in an IRC channel I hang out in (#r4nger5 on freenode) came out as being transgender. The single negative comment? Your room is a bit messy.

Tolerance and acceptance, we has it.

So I did

07:40 < IronAngel> I'm horny drunk and mean spirited, and you can quote me on that

#r4nger5 on freenode

Wherein we find out about the author's inability to follow instructions

So I've been thinking that I really should learn Lisp. A nice programming language unlike any other I have seen. Clojure is one dialect of Lisp which is targeted at the JVM and .NET CLR. A quick search of the Youtubes revealed a decent video introducing Clojure with a practical example and a quick touch on Leningen.

I started going along with the video a couple days ago when I hit a snag. Errors about not finding files, no such namespace etc. The versions of the libraries I was using were quite old, was that the issue? Has the syntax changed?. The answer is a lot more depressing.

(defroutes (GET "/" request (homepage request)) (GET "/:id" [id] (redirect id)))

Can you see the issue? I coudn't.

(defroutes myroutes (GET "/" request (homepage request)) (GET "/:id" [id] (redirect id)))

I missed a single argument from (defroutes). Literally could have put any old ascii string in there and it would have worked.




Remember kids, when copying code from a video, make sure to get it all.

Video from Craigowl Hill

Scott got some of our rambling on camera while we walked up Craigowl Hill. Can't see much due to the weather unfortunately.