Something went wrong with my gpg keychain.

Needless to say I have completely regenerated my keychain and moved the subkeys to a smartcard for increased security. New public key (fingerprint: 116D B25C A5C4 73C5 3262 BEDC 8322 D167 9829 59BF) is in the same place as always.

Now to resume the regular flow of nobody using gpg to encrypt emails to me.

Morning Routine

  • Wake up around 5am (not quite #0445club but works for me)
  • Pint of coffee
  • 5km run
  • Shower
  • Depending on how hungry I am, breakfast either before or at work

Been doing this the past week while pulling 12 hour shifts at work and I have to say it is working out really well for me. Combination of early runs and long days mean my sleep is much improved.

Cordyceps Sinensis

Jocko and Echo both sing the praises of Onnit's Shroom Tech products which claim to help both immune system and physical fitness. Sadly, Onnit products are quite pricy, more than I can justify right now. So I got a generic version.

Been taking these strange brown capsules twice daily for about a week now. This is totally subjective and may be completely placebo but I do feel better and happier. My athletic performance feels stronger and unusually I'm not feeling famished mid-afternoon. No capacity to do a proper double-blind trial but this impromptu experiment does seem to be a success.

If I ever end up sprouting growths from my body (or worse), please incinerate me.

EDC electronics support kit

EDC is becoming increasingly digital these days. Often people go out the door with a multitude of devices; phone, ebook reader, tablet, rechargeable flashlight et al. Having a means to support these devices is a good idea, especially if access to power is unreliable or a while away.

EDC electronics support kit

My support kit is built around a Tecknet 15000mAh USB battery. This provides several charges for my USB devices to keep them (and by extension, me) happy over the course of a day or more. It has proven its worth at my former job where the van power socket was broken and I had to run my SatNav for the day off the battery.

Of course, having a battery is useless without the ability to actually charge devices. To that end, I have a micro USB cable and an Apple Lightning cable (iPhone, sue me) which will let me charge the vast majority of anything I come across.

Additionally, I have a set of headphones to avoid being subject to sonic assault from the world at large.

A USB fast charge adapter rounds up the power side of things. Public USB sockets are suspect at best, who knows what is on the other side of the connector. Could be a dumb power supply, could be a full blown computer sucking down all your phone data and sending it off to shady places, possibly giving you malware at the same time. Don't be a fool, protect your tool.

The last few items in the kit aren't strictly power related but they fit in well anyway. I have a physical GPG smart card reader with built in smart card so I can do GPG stuff and have a good degree of confidence that if either my laptop or the kit gets stolen/lost, folk can't impersonate me by email. I have a Kingston 32GB pendrive for quick data storage/transfer and lastly, a lighter. Because fire is a good thing to have on command.

EDC electronics support kit

The whole lot fits nicely into a Maxpedition mini pocket organiser which lets me transfer everything between bags quickly and keeps everything modular and neat.

Been off the bike for far too long.

Went to cash a cheque and found myself very unconfident at riding, especially in traffic. Doesn't help that the main road to go anywhere is a dual carriageway, nor does the lack of cycle-friendly paths around here, nor the lack of good places to lock up to.

Excuses I know. Need to make an effort to cycle more and become less dependent on refined dinosaurs.