Cryptographic ID

A couple days ago, Peter posted about having a record of cryptographic information that folk can use to verify that he is who they think they are communicating with. I thought this was a good idea and set about creating my own record.

The idea is broadly similar to Keybase but doing it this way means I am not relying on their system for providing verification. It does mean that there is less automation involved but it should be workable for everyone who uses GPG/PGP.

For the record, my current GPG key setup is less than ideal. The private key is held on my daily use machine which is not the most secure method. I have ordered a set of smart cards and a USB reader and I will regenerate my keys to be used on them on an air-gapped computer, likely running Libreboot. When this happens, I will update the id file with my new public key fingerprint and also sign the file as before.