The trick with running

is to get into a slight zen/dissociative state. Let the subconscious take over the movement of your legs and have your conscious go elsewhere. Whether it be plans for the day, thinking about things that could have been improved or just plain idle thoughts.

CryptoStorm OpenVPN for iOS

I'm a user of the CryptoStorm VPN service for over a year. Took advantage of their Black Friday deal for renewing and got a year of use for $26. 50 cents a day for bypassing any state or ISP tracking and filtering seems like a good deal to me. Bonus: can use the same account on multiple devices at the same time, such as my laptop and phone.

The latter being the sticking part. Could not for the life of me get my iPhone (I'm an Apple user, sue me) to connect, constant timeouts. Well today I found the solution and it is really simple. Just need to go into the Settings app, down to OpenVPN and select the "Force AES-CBC cipersuites" option in the Advanced Settings portion.

Connects within 2 seconds. At the time of writing, my laptop appears to be in Lithuania and my phone in Latvia.

Dash/Plus Extension

I've been using Patrick Rhone's Dash/Plus notation system for todo lists for a while now. While idly at work, I came up with a couple extra metadata notations for done items.

The issue I have had is when I do my lists, there is no space for results to be noted or extra explanation to be done. Putting the information at the end of the list gives no link back to where it came from and reviewing the initial todo item gives no idea of what was done.

Basically I solved this with a right angle bracket. The cool thing is it can be done on paper and digitally. +> for done items with more info elsewhere and >+ for the extra information later in the list (or another list altogether). Simple.

Fresh November

Good morning 10km run to clear out the stresses of the week.

Thought I would spice up

my usual morning run. Stuffed an improvised 9kg(20lb) ruck plate into my bullet ruck and went out on the 5k loop. Started huffing almost instantly and sweat was dripping off 1/3 the way round.

Still got a good time, just under 32 minutes.