wombledFor those wondering what the hell this british guy means by wombling, The Wombles were a fictional species of anthropomorphic burrowing creatures who reused and recycled human rubbish. Wombling therefore refers to the act of making use of waste that others would simply throw in the bin (or worse, leave on the ground for others to deal with). In this case, I have wombled a large amount of polypropylene rope and several meters of good quality copper wire from a skip.

Who in their right mind throws away mains thickness copper?! At the very least, it could be scrapped for cash.


The rope hasn't been cared for particularly well. I will need to get the ends whipped to prevent further fraying. Its nowhere near recovery grade so no towing or winching but it will be useful for tying down stuff.  Free cordage is always a good thing.

Its worth keeping an eye out for things that have been discarded that could be of use. As the saying goes, one man's garbage is another's treasure.

UK Self Defence

11:57 < IronAngel> the example further down of picking up a brick to fend off an attacker
11:57 < IronAngel> soon you will have to have a letter from the home office to buy bricks
11:57 < kevinisageek> true story

Predator Archive

Thought I would throw up a copy of some interesting files written by Michael Carlton aka Predator. He was a rather influential dude from Sydney, Australia who was involved in several underground media projects and a whole bunch of other stuff. Alas, he is no more, having passed nearly a decade ago. Information on the guy is surprisingly sparse, the main project he was involved with, http://cat.org.au is offline so information cannot be gleaned there.

However, all is not lost. I managed to get what is essentially a dump of his home folder (predarchive) from my mate Harlequin, who I believe was connected to Pred in some way. I have also just stumbled on the book which is mentioned in various places, Pred.txt(not actually .txt but .pdf).

Go have a read, if you are anything like me, you will enjoy and want more.