Tesco CREE aluminium torch: initial review

Lighting is important. Without it, you run the risk of falling off a cliff and dying. Along with a knife and a reliable way to make fire, a torch is a very good tool to have on you.

The question is, what torch to get? You can pick up a multitude of torches at both ends of the price spectrum, tacticool with insane brightness or cheapo things that barely throw light more than a few meters.

[caption id="attachment_173" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Tesco
CREE aluminium
torch Tesco CREE aluminium torch[/caption]

For the princely sum of £10 (\~US\$17) you can pick up what seems to be a pretty good torch from the supermarket chain Tesco. As the name states, it has a CREE LED and an aluminium body. There are 2 variants, a 2 AA battery and a 2 D version (which is £15).

[caption id="attachment_174" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Comparison between the Tesco CREE and Fenix
LD20 Comparison between the Tesco CREE and Fenix LD20[/caption]

Size wise, it is very comparable to the Fenix LD20. The Tesco torch is slightly longer -  about a centimetre - and a few millimetres larger in diameter. It is lacking in the features of the Fenix LD20 though. The Fenix boasts 4 levels of light intensity - low, medium, high and turbo - as well as strobe and SOS. The Tesco one just does on and off. Both have lanyard capability but the LD20 has a pocket clip.

On the subject of brightness, I was really surprised at how good the Tesco CREE torch is "out of the box".  There is a noticeable difference in brightness between the Tesco and the Fenix with the Tesco one coming out on top. I was really surprised at this. Granted, the Tesco torch had fresh batteries and the Fenix batteries have been in use for a few weeks but there shouldn't be a massive difference. Am wondering if the lack of brightness from the Fenix is due to a battery leaking its guts and corroding things a bit. Need to clean it up properly.

Not gonna show photos because I don't have a camera decent enough to capture the performances but trust me, the Tesco CREE is good.

Am gonna use the Tesco CREE for a while (planning on using it on my bike) and continue to compare it to the Fenix LD20 but at this point, I think it is a winner.

Timelapse Test

Tags: GoPro, timelapse, video Slug: timelapse-test I decided to test out the timelapse feature of my new to me GoPro camera. Set to take a picture every 2 seconds. Mounted using a cheapo windscreen mount I got from eBay.

To render the video I used this incantation:

ffmpeg -r 1/0.5 -pattern_type glob -i "*.JPG" -c:v libx264 timelapse.mp4

The result is below.

Not too shabby.

Swapped the genuine air filter in Serenity for a K&N one.

Tags: air filter, K&N, Land Rover Defender, micro Slug: swapped-the-genuine-air-filter-in-serenity-for-a-kn-one Supposedly the last air filter I will ever buy. Hopefully this is true. In any case, it should be cheaper overall given that you can wash them and that will contribute to less landfill.