UK Self Defence

11:57 < IronAngel> the example further down of picking up a brick to fend off an attacker
11:57 < IronAngel> soon you will have to have a letter from the home office to buy bricks
11:57 < kevinisageek> true story

Predator Archive

Thought I would throw up a copy of some interesting files written by Michael Carlton aka Predator. He was a rather influential dude from Sydney, Australia who was involved in several underground media projects and a whole bunch of other stuff. Alas, he is no more, having passed nearly a decade ago. Information on the guy is surprisingly sparse, the main project he was involved with, is offline so information cannot be gleaned there.

However, all is not lost. I managed to get what is essentially a dump of his home folder (predarchive) from my mate Harlequin, who I believe was connected to Pred in some way. I have also just stumbled on the book which is mentioned in various places, Pred.txt(not actually .txt but .pdf).

Go have a read, if you are anything like me, you will enjoy and want more.