Rear light bodging

I have a bike. I don't use it. This needs to change.

Problem was, my commute is mostly during the evening and in winter, this is in the dark. So, for legal and safety reasons, I haven't commuted under my own power for a while. Now, I can.

[caption id="attachment_264" align="aligncenter" width="300"]New
light New light[/caption]

I wanted a rear light that used AA batteries so I can standardise on them for all of my kit. I will be migrating to rechargable ones shortly, once my current stash of AA batteries runs out.

The problem with this light is there is no real attachment point for it. There are some mouldings on the inside to hold bolts in place but nothing else.

[caption id="attachment_266" align="aligncenter" width="300"]IMG_20140124_103207 Internal mouldings[/caption]

However, the existing reflector on the bike has some sort of bracket holding it on. Wheels began to turn and ideas were formulated.

IMG_20140124_103738IMG_20140124_103930IMG_20140124_104138Drilling commenced.

IMG_20140124_104900IMG_20140124_104917IMG_20140124_105314Job done.

IMG_20140124_105718IMG_20140124_105732I can now cycle to and from work with less excuse for drivers to hit me. Whether or not they will pay attention is another matter.

Triple Aught Design trousers are the shiznit!

They really are. So comfortable. Pockets within pockets. Only been wearing them (Force 10 AC cargo in tan btw) for about 10 minutes and I have fallen in love. Well, when I was in America I got a chance to look at the pair that Pig Monkey gave to Avagdu as a wedding gift. Decided then I wanted my own.

I ordered through Heinnie Haynes here in the UK, less hassle than ordering direct from America, less customs fees and shipping and whatnot.

I made a thing

I just recorded an episode of R4nger5 Radio. Been a bit of a media drought over there so I thought I would try an experiment in audio recording. Audio quality is a bit rough but hey, its free.

Have a listen and tell me if you like it or hate it.

Well, today could have gone better

I've just finished working on Serenity for the day. I would have been finished hours ago on a job that was supposed to be about 30 seconds long. I was relocating the aux battery ground point to a seatbelt mount to cut down on the amount of wiring running all over the place.

I was torquing the nut down to the post when suddenly it got very easy to turn. Lifted the wrench off and saw that the post had sheared.


Of course, being a Land Rover, things are never that simple to fix. If the post was in fact a bolt that could be removed, this 30 second job would have turned into a mere 5 minute job. Sadly, the post is welded into place.


Cue 20 minutes underneath faffing about with the socket set and a spanner removing 2 nuts and bolts that have been covered up with the general crud that accumulates under Land Rovers. Didn't help that I was scraping my knuckles on the outrigger every 10 seconds.

Eventually the bolts came out and after a little prying the plate dropped onto my gut, along with more built up crap from behind it. I must have looked a right state getting out from under Serenity.

The next task was to grind off the remainder of the post and then drill a new hole for a replacement bolt. Easy enough though my drill bits leave a lot to be desired.

Screwfix is a great place to go to get replacement fixings and fittings. Cheap and they do stainless steel nuts and bolts. However, I must have a wee rant about something.

Bolts are sold in packs of 10. Washers in packs of 10. Nuts in packs of 100.


What the hell am I gonna do with 100 nuts! I only needed 3! Come on Screwfix, sell nuts in packs of 10! Make it easier for the DIY crowd to get stuff done.

Anyway, I have the bits I need and the plate is drying after having rust and crap ground off and a coat of hammerite.  Need to do the other side but that can wait till tomorrow.

Land Rover Defender ownership is never easy.

Anyone want a tow?

[caption id="attachment_201" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Anyone
want a
pull? Anyone want a tow?[/caption]

Arrived just in time, nice 4 meter tow strop and 2 shackles. Want to get my winching on.